hello-milk-hello-gingerMilk & Ginger

Milk and Ginger are friends. More through force of proximity than desire. But they spend a lot of time together…


And when Milk turns bad, sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan…

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wee_coffee_bean_classic_white_mug_black_insideWee Coffee Bean

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Wee Bean Blog – Recent Posts


Be the lion kid (11/11/2016) - In hospital again. We’re scared, tired, worried that the inhalers don’t seem to be working as well this time. Well, not we, exactly. The wee bean himself is the life of the party, waving hello to everyone new who passes by…but coughing all the while.
Where are the penguins? (10/21/2016) - Behind me I hear some quiet counting... "One penguin, two penguin, three penguin, FOUR PENGUIN!" On books and the joy of reading with a toddler.
Suck it up (9/16/2016) - A basic motto for life, and now an essential mantra as joint chief protector, wiper-upper, playmate, role model, disciplinarian and comforter to a wee bean.
Just breathe (9/5/2016) - The ECG monitor beeps. Irregularly enough that you jerk your head up each time to check the yellow numbers. Which is ridiculous really because you don't even know what they mean.
Work/kid (im)balance (8/15/2016) - It's been a year since my last post, which sort of sums up the work/kid (im)balance so far. No idea if there would be more time going spare to think/write/post if working anything other than full-time was an option.
Things you do as a new mum (7/14/2015) - New feelings and ways of eating that you'd never even considered before...