Funny & Arty

Modern Baby Furniture from Charlie Crane
Design Milk | 25 July 2015
Focusing on form and function, straying away from the loud, garish colours of typical baby things, their products are inspired by Scandinavian design and made of natural, organic materials. Read article…

How kindness became our guilty pleasure
by Maria Popova
Brain Pickings | 13 July 2015
On Kindness is a “superb, acutely necessary read” from psychoanalyst Adam Phillips and historian Barbara Taylor. Read article…

Baby Girl Sees Mom And Dad Clearly For First Time And Her Reaction Is Priceless
Bored Panda | 13 July 2015
Just the cutest little thing, when her glasses go on and she looks at her folks… Read article…

22 epic fails of a sleep-deprived parent
by Emily-Jane Clark
Metro | 11 July 2015
“I said ‘love you’ to the postman instead of ‘thank you’.” A great list… Read article…

The Walking Dead
by Maria Konnikova
The New Yorker | 9 July 2015
Why many of us feel “a kind of constant jet lag” and how lack of sleep affects us. I know, super helpful when there’s not a lot we can do about it, but interesting nonetheless. Read article…

Swim In 1,000,000 Recyclable Plastic Balls
Bored Panda | 8 July 2015
The National Building Museum in Washington has become the unlikely home of an enormous ocean of one million plastic bubbles and a plastic beach open to visitors who want to hop in for a truly bizarre experience. Read article…

The Eight Things Kate Middleton Needs to Know About Life With Two Kids
by Helen Thorn
Huffington Post | 6 July 2015
“Stick G on the sofa with Mr Tumble and a packet of chocolate biscuits. You’ll all be much happier.” Read article…

The all-girl, Frozen-inspired softball team
Bored Panda | 18 June 2015
4- and 5-year-old girls as ‘Freeze,” an awesome Frozen-inspired team in Oklahoma – adorable and super tough! Read article…

20 ways you know you’re a first time mum…
by Jessica Brown
Huff Post Parents | 15 June 2015
“Life’s all about cake” – yep! Read article…

This Might Look Like A Nursing Home Or A Preschool, But It’s Much Better
ViralNova | 13 June 2015
What happens when you put a preschool in a nursing home? Changing the way we look at nursing homes and educating our young minds for the better. This is just heart-warming. Read article…

Thirty years after its release, The Goonies is still the greatest family movie of all time
by James Baldrock
Metro | 6 June 2015
From pirates to genuine emotion, why we still hold Chunk and friends in such high regard and affection. Read article…

Parents in the arts need to stage a childcare revolution
by Lyn Gardner
Guardian | 13 March 2015
Theatres are getting infinitely more family-friendly for audiences – but what about those looking to sustain a career in the industry? Read article…

A Philippine Billy Elliot: the Manila street kids training as ballet dancers
by Mark Sharp
South China Morning Post | 4 June 2015
Filmmaker seeks Kickstarter funding to finish documentary about a school that takes children living on the streets and teaches them classical dance. Read article…

A baby’s guide to sleep-training your parents
by Jeremy Blachman
Contributoria | February 2015
And you thought it was all about YOU! Ha! Read article…

Free toucanBox
Grab a free toucanBox full of materials for fun art activities (for 3 years plus). More…

30 stuggles only a 3-year-old would understand
by Christine Knight
Huffpost Parents | 20 October 2014
“When you want to wear a blue tutu to school and you don’t even own a blue tutu.” The trials and tribulations of being three. Read article…

Appreciate that farts are funny (and other things moms of boys must do)
by Rita Templeton
Scary Mommy
From constant toilet battles to wrestling matches – great advice for those in charge of little dudes! Read article…

In Praise of Spacing Out
by Melissa Dahl
New York magazine | 28 October 2014
The joys (and benefits) of letting your mind wander – whether you want it to or not… “Just don’t leave me behind in Asda, Mum!” Read article…

25 Reasons Why Babies Are Basically Just Tiny Drunk People
by Dave Stopera
BuzzFeed | 7 October 2014
I’m sure many of us could add lots of photos and videos to this very funny list! Read article…

10 Things You Should Never Say to a New Mom
by Michelle Ruiz
Cosmopolitan | 19 June 2014
“Sleep when the baby’s sleeping?” Nice try. New moms are in a glass case of emotion, so choose your words carefully, guys. Read article…

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