Kids & Education

5 fun fine motor activities
Play Ideas
Great ways to keep your child entertained while they’re learning! Read article…

15 great ideas for a Playcation
HippyChick | 20 July 2015
“Get some chalk and let them draw on the patio.” Read article…

Why it’s time to put your phone down
Mummy Pages | 20 July 2015
Totally agree with these! Seven reasons why it’s time to put your phone away when you’re with your child. Read article…

Literacy Is Prescribed to Help Families Stay Healthy
by Jonathan Douglas
Huffpost Parents | 15 July 2015
New research shows that improving families’ literacy through tailored local support can make them healthier. Read article…

DIY education before the advent of YouTube
by Jon Grinspan
New York Times | 11 July 2015
Devouring books by candlelight and debating issues by bonfire, the young men and women of the so-called “go-ahead generation” worked to educate themselves into a better life. Read article…

London schools dance programme
by Georgia Snow
The Stage | 10 July 2015
A new dance scheme, backed by Sadler’s Wells and Wayne McGregor, aims to give schools in all 33 London boroughs access to dance opportunities including theatre visits, dance classes and workshops with artists and choreographers. Read article…

Unpopular opinion: Volvo’s new car designed around a baby seat is silly
by Maria Guido
Scary Mommy | 8 July 2015
Why Volvo’s new swivelling rear-facing baby car seat design manages to be both cool and ridiculous. Read article…

Academic subjects alone won’t ‘set every child up for life’
by John Newbigin
Guardian | 17 June 2015
How the arts instil innovation & creativity and employers are crying out for recruits who are creative. The notion that arts and music are not seen as ‘hard’ enough subjects is damaging to the economy. Read article…

Cambridge is hiring a Lego professor
By Maria Sanchez Diez
Quartz | 15 June 2015
The “Professorship of Play in Education, Development, and Learning” position is supported by the LEGO Foundation, which aims “to build a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, life-long learners.” Read article…

Help your child be epic at maths
A handy guide for parents with mini-videos explaining how children’s maths skills develop from 0-6. With fun activities you can build into your time together to help them develop these skills: Read article…

Parents should give babies iPads at birth
Australian Women’s Weekly | 15 June 2015
Babies should be given iPads from birth, according to new research in the UK which suggests they will learn faster. Having wrestled an iPad from little fingers, I’m not sure about this one… Read article…

How you play with dolls predicts your parenting
by Sheila M. Eldred
Discovery News | 25 August 2014
“Oh, dear… Mum and Dad dropped the doll at the NCT class – what does that mean?” Read article…

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