Motherhood & Women

tantrumsParents Are To Blame For Toddler Tantrums And Terrible Twos, Behaviour Expert Claims
by Amy Packham
Huffpost Parents | 26 September 2016
Of COURSE, it’s best to have realistic expectations but surely tantrums are a normal part of growing up too, even if parents do manage to “do” everything right! Read article…

hollywood-womenHollywood has awoken to female representation: when will adland follow?
by Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts
Campaign | 26 September 2016
Adland should learn from Disney putting Jyn Erso, the female protagonist of Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, at the centre of the film’s merchandise. Read article…


Why is this photo so weird to look at?
by Caroline O’Donoghue
The Pool | 26 September 2016
A photograph of a Clinton campaign event made the internet crazy: why do we have such difficulty accepting “Generation Selfie”? Read article…

Eye contact is good for you. But can you put your phone down for long enough?
by Jonathan Shehee
The Guardian | 23 September 2016
We know that eye contact is super important when establishing the first bonds with our little ones – here is some more evidence of the powerful positive effects of eye contact. Read article…

5 Fascinating Science-Backed “Miracles” of New Motherhood
by Tracy Gillett | 22 September 2016
Little known miracles that help us to find strength through many a sleepless night and long nap-less days. Read article

8-year-old skating prodigy can shred with the best of them
by Chloe Bryan
Mashable | 18 September 2016
“It doesn’t matter that I’m a girl or that I’m small… My heart is big and strong and I can be as good as or even better than the boys or even big people.” An eight-year-old skater from Miyazaki, Japan.  [watch VIDEO]

Safe Haven 4 Babies
Collective Evolution | 9 September 2016
This women has opened her home and heart to terminally ill babies. A truly touching story and a very emotional video to watch. watch [VIDEO]

Diversity in Tech Should be Part of Your DNA
by Sarah Adam-Gedge
Avanade Blog | 7 September 2016
“The potential to advance women economically may be the most transformative feature of technology.’ A two-part Diversity in Technology blog post in celebration ofAvanade Australia’s TechDiversity Award. Read article…

These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face
by Caroline O’Donoghue
The Pool | 6 September 2016
“What to wear to the beach isn’t the only example of the unreasonable advice women are forced to endure daily.” Read article…

15 Things The Experts Don’t Tell You About Childbirth
by Catherine Pearson
HuffpostParents | 27 September 2013
Information about having and rearing babies is everywhere. But what about the things that happen during and after childbirth that leave mothers wondering, “why didn’t anyone tell me?” Read article…

Appreciate that farts are funny (and other things moms of boys must do)
by Rita Templeton
Scary Mommy
From constant toilet battles to wrestling matches – great advice for those in charge of little dudes! Read article…

10 Things You Should Never Say to a New Mom
by Michelle Ruiz
Cosmopolitan | 19 June 2014
“Sleep when the baby’s sleeping?” Nice try. New moms are in a glass case of emotion, so choose your words carefully, guys. Read article…

How becoming a father changes men’s attitude towards gender roles
Independent | 27 July 2015
Men adopt ‘traditional views on gender roles’ after becoming a father for first time, study finds. Read article…

“Being a working mother is tough – but the benefits have been enormous”
Mumsnet Blog Network | 25 July 2015
Martina Perry describes the positive impact that working has had on her and her family. Read article…

How the majority of parents are turning to social media for advice
Parenting Magazine | 15 July 2015
More parents than non-parents log on to Facebook daily for advice, and the majority of parents find the information helpful. Read article…

Three Things to do When You STRUGGLE TO JUGGLE
Mama in the Now | May 21, 2014
Whether you’re a stay at home or working mum, odds are that you have things to balance to just make it through a day. Here are some ideas to help manage the load. Read article…