Handy Food Links

Food-related links to some other places to find useful recipes and meal ideas.

Feeding tips & recipes

Annabel Karmel

From first weaning purees to toddler dinners, a range of nutritious recipes and food ideas for the whole family. Also lots of info on Annabel Karmel’s range of books and feeding app.

Wholesome Baby Food

Very handy site with lots of healthy, easy-to-make recipes, divided up into helpful categories such as puree food and their storage, first solids, fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and diary.

Super Healthy Kids

Great recipes and ideas using fruit and vegetables.

Weaning Tips from Netmums

From avocado mash and hot banana pudding to chile con carne and beef stew – lots of yummy recipes and weaning tips.


Weaning & food books

Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food
Book showing how self-feeding allows babies to use their natural abilities to explore taste, texture, colour and smell, rather than spoon-feeding purees. I did both but nothing was greeted with any enthusiasm until the wee  bean could grab things and do it himself so this book proved very useful.

Baby Led Weaning: Step by Step
Book by Julie Clark
Join baby Rosie as she takes you through her journey of learning to self-feed, with detailed diary and pictures of her progress. See what Rosie’s Mum gives her to eat as you witness her development from very first mouthful to complete plate of good, wholesome food.


Feeding ‘stuff’

Munchkin Click-Lock Leakproof Beaker
We found that this worked really well as a travel first sippy cup. Handy for storage in a baby bag, as the spout closes down.

Babycook Original steamer-cooker-blender
A multi-function system of steam cooking, blending, defrosting and reheating that “guarantees healthy and nutritious meals, preserves the vitamins, to give baby the very best when switching to solids.” I would personally have broken this (or chopped a finger off) in under a minute, but lots of other mums swear by it, so if you’re handy with kitchen appliances, this might be for you!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine
“Makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than two minutes.” I’m just not organised enough to use something this organised (I just washed bottles up and used sterilised water from the kettle) but I’ve heard lots of good things from other mums about this, so if you can afford it and have the kitchen counter space…

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