Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Kind of just made this one up, with things that I needed to use up from the fridge. But the wee bean really likes them, it incorporates two amazing super foods, and is also really easy and quick (with no hot oven required so can be done while your little person is running around). Makes about 8-10 fish cake fritters.

2 sweet potatoes
1 (small) piece of salmon
a handfull of grated cheddar cheese
a handful of flour
a splash of olive oil

How to make
Boil and mash the sweet potatoes.
Grill or pan fry the salmon until it’s cooked through (but not crispy).
Add the salmon to the sweet potato and mash and mix together so it’s still a bit lumpy.
Add a handful of grated cheese and mix through.

Form balls with the mixture and flatten into oval shapes.

Throw a handful of flour onto a plate and cover the ovals on both sides.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and drop the ovals in when it’s sizzling.

Cook for about 3 minutes on each side until golden brown and then lay on some kitchen paper to soak up any extra grease.

Either eat straight away or freeze for later.

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